Dr. Sylvain Simard MD and stem cell treatments

In March 2016, Health Canada approved Arthrex Canada Technology, the leader in the field of orthopedics and regenerative medicine. With the Angel device and bone marrow suction kit , Dr. Sylvain Simard is the first Canadian doctor to provide orthopedic treatment with autologous stem cells.

In more complex cases, fat transfer use may be indicated. This adds to PRP technology (platelet rich plasma), laser therapy and spinal decompression therapy, which confirms Dr. Sylvain Simard's role as a leader in regenerative medicine.

When necessary, Dr. Sylvain Simard uses an ultrasound and this procedure will be included in the treatment.

At Dr. Sylvain Simard's clinic, we are working with innovative methods for the treatment of orthopedic injuries using regenerative medicine treatments with stem cells, platelet rich plasma and transfer of adipose tissue.
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Orthopedic Conditions treated with stem cells


Hand and wrist

Treatment for several conditions of the hand and wrist such as: arthritis of the fingers, sprained wrist or thumb.


Treatment for several conditions of the elbow such as: partial tear of a tendon, ligament injury or bursitis.


Treatment for several conditions of the shoulder such as: partial tear of the rotator cuff, tendonitis, joint dysfunction or osteoarthritis.


Treatment for several hip conditions such as: bursitis, hamstring tear, or osteoarthritis.


Treatment for several knee conditions such as : patellar tendinitis, Osgood-Schlatter disease or osteoarthritis.

Foot and ankle

Treatment for several conditions of the foot or ankle such as: pain in the lower leg, shin splints, plantar fasciitis or tendinitis of the Achilles tendon.


Treatment for several conditions of the spine such as: back pain , herniated discs, facet syndrome, trigger points , sacroiliac joint pain.


We treat various conditions with stem cells from the basic sprains to degenerative arthritis or back pain.

The steps of the orthopedic treatment with stem cells

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