Dr. Sylvain Simard is originally from Chicoutimi. He attended medical school in Ontario at Ottawa University and received his specialty degree in Family Medicine in 1992 from McGill University.


IN 2000

In 2000, Dr. Simard completed anesthesia training recognized by the Collège des médecins du Québec. During his three years of practice in the operating room of the Jonquière hospital, there he perfected his infiltration techniques for pain.



He has 18 years of emergency experience, primarily at Alma hospital where he was head of department for several years. During this period, he was an instructor in intensive care: Newborn (NRP), Cardiorespiratory (ACLS), Trauma (ATLS) and critical rural health (RCC).


IN 2004

In 2004, Dr. Simard confirmed his interest in fine techniques with a training course in California with Dr. Berkowitch, a plastic surgeon. Since that time, he practiced medical aesthetics in Quebec and refines his training with lasers, Botox, wrinkles filler,and lipodissolution by attending various conferences, clinical courses and development workshops.


IN 2010

In 2010, Dr. Simard has received training in phlebology (varicose veins) with the renowned Dr. Zummo in Montreal.


More recently, Dr. Simard added ultrasound to his practice of cortisone infiltration. Moreover, he uses PRP (platelet-rich plasma) in his musculoskeletal and aesthetics clinic.


IN 2016

Dr. Simard has received his training in stem cell therapy with Blue Tail Medical Group in St. Louis, USA.



In addition to being a "Fellow" of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Dr. Simard is a member of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine and participate in conferences of the Canadian Association of Cosmetic Surgery.



As evidenced by his medical studies in France and his numerous Tropical Medicine internships in Cameroon (Africa) where he created a charity, Dr. Simard demonstrated openness, which lead him to always wanting to improve himself.



His philosophy in aesthetic medicine is simple as his slogan " Your Natural Appearance " . He advocates a subtle approach, smooth, progressive, professional and personalized to each patient. After a detailed interview and a free and informed consent, Dr. Simard establishes with the patient a step by step action plan on several sessions with multiple treatment modalities all on the cutting edge of technology.

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La Clinique du Dr Sylvain Simard

Founded by Dr. Sylvain Simard, general practitioner, the clinic of Dr. Sylvain Simard is located in the town of Alma since August 2012. Visit our competent staff for our cosmetic and beauty treatments, or our Pain Clinic that could relieve you from your musculoskeletal pain, such as back and neck pain.